Monday, February 1, 2010

Tropical Flowers

Aren't these flowers beautiful? I took them yesterday in between morning showers. The drops on their petals are "real", not me misting them with a water bottle or anything! For the most part, they are different colors of hibiscus, I believe.
I thought this pink one was just wonderful. I love the way the rain drops just seem to glisten on the petals!

These two look like twins, don't they? I did get another shot of one of them in a super close up, but I do like this one of the two of them.

These last flowers aren't hibiscus - they are called sky flowers and are really very delicate, little flowers. When we walked by all these flowers later in the day, when the rain drops had dried, I didn't think they looked nearly as photogenic, altho still quite beautiful. Rain is a good thing, I guess! Enjoy!

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