Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scenes from this Morning

What a beautiful morning we had here this morning! When I first woke up, I opened up the blinds in our bedroom, and saw these beautiful colors of the sunrise. Who would expect purple and pink in a sunrise? A magical morning in New Mexico.....
This was such a different view and feel to the morning, and it was only a few minutes later as I wandered into the kitchen. The sun was warming up the day by that time, and added a golden glow to the land. However, it looked like some weather was rolling in over the mountains, so the sky looked liked layers of grey. Cool and warmth all in one view!


Peeling Paint Technique ATCs

This was a fun project! It makes paint appear to be peeling off the card foundation. I decided to use various printed papers - music, book pages, phone book, etc. - as the foundation. I then applied Vaseline to the areas that I wanted to show thru after I applied paint. Then, came the paint. After it dries, I took a paper towel and wiped off the paint from the Vaselined areas. I then rubber stamped on top of all that.
I then used some old photos that I had that kind of spoke to me in a fun way. Don't you love the "girls" in the first photo - bathing beauties on vacation! The little guy, above, looks like a little speed racer in his toy car! After I adhered the photos, I again applied the Vaseline technique with a second paint color. I just wanted the effect of many different layers!

The last application was a rubber stamp that gives it a marble-like effect that also accentuates the peeling paint effect. The photo is of a young man with a sailing boat in the background. I like to think of the boat as being his "dream". A bit different than the rather formal, dressed up image.....exactly what you'd sort of expect his dream to be like!


One-Word Series

Here's a new series that I worked on a week or so ago. I wanted to do something very simple, and sort of hit on this approach. I'm not certain that I really like it, altho it does kind of have a good "feel" to it.
The photos are mine. I altered them a bit, and I do like the look of them. The one word aspect of it feeds into the simplicity that I was looking for and speaks to the photo image on the piece.

The foundation of all the pieces are wood plaques that Jeff cut for me. I think I may do another series like this, but try something a bit different. Of course, there's always the chance that this will grow on me!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sheet Music ATCs

These ATCs have the requirement that somewhere in the piece must be some sheet music. The above ATC has the sheet music as the background for the piece, with some really soft, pastel like tissue paper over it, and a flower stamp (colored in with blue, just to stay with the theme) and some blue handmade paper as the border around the "picture" of the flower. I just love the feel of this one.

Now, this ATC has some very dramatic, bold red as the background and just a snippet of sheet music in it. I loved the soft contrast the lace seemed to lend to the piece, and the little do-dad laid over the handmade paper in the lower right of the piece reminded me of the treble clef in music.

And, this final piece just seems like such a happy piece and absolutely reminds me of spring! Again, the sheet music is the background with tissue and handmade paper laid over it. The yellow tulips just sing of spring to me, and I couldn't resist adding the trim piece that seems to be little white daisy type flowers, also a very happy flower!


Brown Bag ATCs

The theme for this ATC collection is to use a brown bag (yes, the kind you may still be able to get at a grocery store) as the background for the ATC. I really like the above ATC. It's just so simple and gentle. I call it "Balance" because that was the first thought that came into my head when I finished it.
This one is a throw-back to my train commuting days in Chicago! There's some handmade paper in there, but the focus on on a Metra train one-ride ticket. Ah, those were the days - and I can't really say that I miss the 2-hour one way commute I had back then!

Isn't this a whimsical little piece? The pastel colors over the paper bag are colored baby wipes. I use them to either apply paint to surfaces or wipe paint off my hands, and if the colors are appealing, I just keep the baby wipes for use in future projects. The "line" is some very cool sort of string that I found in an antique shop in Washington state when we were there over the Thanksgiving holiday. The sequins just add the right amount of sparkle, don't you think?