Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Page Background ATCs - Part 3

So, another fun book page background ATC swap! I could do whatever I wanted as long as the background is book pages (text). I decided that this would be a good opportunity to try something I haven't really worked with much - transfer ink. In a nutshell, I print off a photo on regular copy/printer paper, put it face down onto the book page background, and spray the transfer ink until the paper is saturated. Pat it off with a cotton towel and then gently peel off the paper - and this is the result!! The above shot is of a flower that was in our garden last summer. The plant didn't really make it thru the winter, so it's been replaced, but it will always live on in my photos and other art work!

Yes, I know - the text is sort of running the wrong way, but....oh well! The image is of an iris that grew in my garden in Illinois. I just love the image of this iris, don't you? And, it transferred so well, too! It took me several practices to find the right types of images that worked well with this process - that's actually why this is on text that runs in a different direction from the way the image does - an image that didn't work well is on the back of this card!

This is just a really nice result, too! The contrast in the images really works well with this transfer process. I think that the images almost look like a little watercolor painting on the book pages, don't you? Just a nice, soft effect.....


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