Monday, April 9, 2012

Front Yard Blooms

I love spring! And, altho I have to admit springtime in the Midwest does generally top New Mexico, there are lovely spring blooms to enjoy in our front yard here! The lilac bush we planted a couple of years ago is finally producing the first blooms - yea!!

These lovely pink blossoms are from the little tree we have anchoring the little sitting area we have in the front yard. How pretty they are!

This shrub is a native plant to New Mexico and in the spring, it's just covered with such pretty white blossoms! We actually have 3 of them grouped together, so they add a nice bit of lightness to the section of the front yard where they sit.

And, finally, our grape ivy (I think that's what it is!). I had my doubts that this would make it, but it's finally producing blossoms this spring, so I guess it's decided that it likes it in our front yard!


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