Monday, November 26, 2012


On Saturday, I  took a drive along Old Route 66 right here in town.  I had seen an old car next to an equally old gas pump several times, and decided to photograph it.  The above photo is an HDR enhanced photo of it, accentuating the coloring of the rusty spots on both the car and the pump.  The tires on the truck are completely disintegrated and look like threads hanging onto the tire rim.

A little further down the road, I noticed the front of an old barn or shack of some sort that's in the process of falling completely over, but is sort of propped up by the debris from the other 3 walls.  Again, I used HDR to enhance the image and make it appear to be somewhat like a painting.  It seems ironic that now that I've photographed it, this barn/shack has somewhat of a legacy, and will continue to exist even after it totally collapses, while the people who once used or lived there are long gone.

Not far from the barn/shack, walking down the same dirt road, I noticed the nice lines created by the barbed wire fence, the dirt road I was walking down, and, off in the upper left corner, the lines created by the highway built to replace Old Route 66.  This image just speaks to the nostalgia of yesterday and today.


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