Monday, April 20, 2009

Good morning ! It's such a gloomy morning today here in the heart of the Midwest. Rained most of yesterday, and today promises much of the same. When I thought about what photo I'd like to represent the day, I decided on this image from a creative photography class I took a few years back. The assignment was to photograph for one hour in a random spot, not straying more than 10 feet from your original starting point. I remember thinking that there really wasn't much of anything to photograph in the area where I ended up, and then I really started looking around. There were all kinds of beautiful things! I felt silly afterwards thinking that I originally was very concerned because I thought I was in a totally uninspiring area! How does this connect with today? Well, gloomy days sometimes makes one feel like things will always be this way, and never look up.....when it will! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning, with all that's going on building our new home in New Mexico, trying to sell 2 houses here in this economy, etc., etc. Kind of like a gloomy day, or an uninspiring spot....look around and be patient. Things will work out fine, and all will be beautiful! Enjoy!


  1. Hey Nadine, Welcome to this blogging life. If you're anything like me, you'll find it a bit addicting. But the best part is, just like in your photo, you begin seeing and appreciating with "new eyes" because you want to document it here.

  2. Thanks, Marge! This is more fun than I thought it would be!