Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winter Morning Walk

Woke up this morning to some snowy dusting around the airpark. I went for a morning walk with Miki, our German Shepherd, and took these photos during our walk. The top photo is of a friend's horses and barn at the end of our little airpark. I just loved the snow on the fence, and the moody feel of the image.
The second image is of an house that we originally looked at to buy. I certainly love our house, and wouldn't trade it for this one, but the snow does look nice on top of the adobe fence and archway into the front yard of this house.
The third image is one that I took as Miki and I walked along side the runway looking north. It, too, is just such a moody image I just loved it on this winter morning. It's kind of rare to see this sort of moody weather here. We mainly have sunshine and blue skies, so an occasional overcast day is a nice change-up.
Hope you all enjoy your day, whatever the weather is in your neck of the woods !

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