Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Winter in New Mexico!

Isn't this a lovely shot? I was lucky enough to see this view out of one of our kitchen windows and took it before the ice fog disappeared - 10 minutes after this shot, it was gone! Yes, that is snow on the ground. We're having winter here and on Thursday about 4" fell throughout the day. The roads were very icy, and I couldn't get into the office, so I just worked from home. They are predicting more snow for tomorrow, so who knows what that may mean in terms of getting into work then - we'll see!

I feel so lucky to be living here. What a great place to live and be a creative soul. And, it's ironic how colorful this desert landscape frequently is! The ground may be sandy or terra cotta, but the big sky is incredibly colorful. Patches, our next door neighbor's horse, seems to be enjoying the view, too, doesn't he?

Well, onto creative pusuits for today. I joined an internet group - - that is specifically for trading ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), and I've signed up for 2 of the swaps (there are tons out there!) - I need to mail off the ATCs for the swap due in December, and start working on the January one. They both call for using photos, so from my perspective, it's the best of both worlds!

Take care - enjoy your day! Nadine

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