Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, this is what Christmas in New Mexico looks like! I just love the look of the cloud hugging the top of South Mountain! We actually had snow the day before I took this photo (which was Christmas Eve). But, it didn't last, as you can see!
I'm off for a week now, and plan to do a bunch of creative stuff, including the not so creative, but very necessary, cleaning off of my 3rd work table in my studio - the table that I want to put my tools on. I can't right now, 'cus I dumped the extra stuff when we moved in on that table! I've been creating ATCs like mad, to be sure I get things done on time for the swaps I"ve signed up for! And, in reading my favorite creative magazines and some other books that I've recently bought, I'm very inspired to try some different things! I've got over a week to at least start on some of these!! Take care - enjoy!

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