Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Canyonlands National Park

We saw many beautiful sights at Canyonlands National Park, and did some fun 4-wheeling. First, tho, the park - the above shot was from the Needles Overlook. The Needles look a lot like the Hoo-doos at Bryce Canyon National Park, which is also located in Utah.
The above photo was from the Grand View Point at Canyonlands. It's huge, but in a way, is like a small Grand Canyon, which gives you the idea of how big the Grand Canyon is! It's actually quite breath-taking to just look at this. Puts things (and you!) in perspective!!
This was a lovely viewpoint of a rock formation called the Candleholder - it's on the right center of the photo. I just had to include the full landscape so you can get an idea of how wonderful it is there!

Finally, here's a photo of Buck Canyon. I just loved the impression of how it seems to be reaching toward you. There were many, many other canyons in the park, but I only chose just a few of the photos to give you a bit of a taste for what it was like to be there! Worth a visit - and it's right "next door" to Arches National Park, so you really can get your fill of natural wonders by visiting this area. We didn't stop at Arches this time - we did visit there a few years back. Enjoy !!

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