Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Off-Roading !

Here are just a very few shots of some fun times we had 4-wheeling on this vacation! The above photo is one of my favorites, as it depicts the very first off-road trail we followed. Driving through the canyon without any obvious road signs, pavement, or many other folks was quite something. Besides being wonderfully fun, it really helped to put things in perspective, and allowed one to marvel at this wonderful world in which we live.
One thing that we did marvel at on our second experience was that we were able to fit through this unintended tunnel. We found out later that a huge boulder just recently fell and got wedged in to create this natural little tunnel. The road was quite uneven and rocky right under the boulder, perhaps because of it falling. Oh, and can you see Miki's pointy ears - she was right there with us! What a trooper!!

The last day we went off-roading, we drove around the La Sal Mountains. It was beyond beautiful as the aspens are just starting to turn their golden color! I have many more photos, but these should give you an idea of what you can see and do off-roading. It's quite wonderful! Enjoy !!

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