Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Flower Power ATCs"

Here are some ATCs that I just finished today for a swap called "Flower Power". I had to include at least one flower on each ATC. This one has a piece of the vintage music as the background, with a transparency of an image of a flower that had been manipulated by me in PhotoShop. The green color comes from the transparency. The transparency is held in place with some tiny brads. I really like the way this one came out, don't you?

This ATC used tissue paper of a flower pattern as the foundation of the piece. I then started paging thru a flower catalog, and decided that some of the words and sentiments would be perfect compliments to the wacky flower in this piece. I especially liked a quote in the catalog that spoke to "such happy little flowers", and I thought this would be the perfect name for this piece!

This piece also started with a tissue as the background - the daisies behind the two children. I then added the vintage image of the two children, and added the daisies in front so that it seems they are in a field of daisies. How fun! No wonder they are smiling!


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  1. I love the themes for your ATC exchanges! Nice, Nadine.