Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Camping - City of Rocks State Park

Our first camping weekend of the season! We visited City of Rocks State Park, where the campsites are nestled in among the huge monoliths that just sort of sprung up out of the earth centuries ago. These rocks are at least 25-30 feet high, and many much higher. If you look closely at the above image, the path leads right to our campsite, and you can see the top of our RV in between the 2 rocks that have the blue sky between them. Our RV is almost 11 feet tall, and these rocks are easily at least twice that tall.
We would take morning walks when we were there, and I couldn't resist taking an image of the field of yucca plants with their empty seed pods reaching high to the sky.

And, this is a close up view of the leaves of the yucca. They are actually quite pretty and so perfectly formed, but don't touch! The edges of the leaves are actually rather sharp, and altho I've never cut myself on them, I don't really make a practice of touching them!


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