Monday, June 13, 2011

Wild Horses of Placitas

This past weekend some friends visiting from Chicago & I participated in a photo workshop of the wild horses in Placitas, NM. Here are a few of my favorite images. The one above is just fabulous, and the horse (a mare, I believe) just stopped and seemed to pose. She was just so majestic, I just loved photographing her.

This shot captured the beauty of the area in which these magnificent animals live. They are not entirely safe, however. Some unknowing, but well-meaning people feed them, which totally endangers them because they then stop migrating and foraging and begin to depend on humans. And, when the people stop feeding them?? Also, food fit for domestic horses is not fit for wild horses, who, of course, have no vets to come to their aid when they become ill. Very well-meaning, but dangerous to the horses. Still, this image certainly creates the wonder of living in the wild, and the peace that can exist for these lovely creatures.

And, this one is just so charming! There were 4 foals born this spring, just a couple of months ago. This little one, called Kentucky (because she began racing around in a very short time after birth), was my favorite! That's her mom that she's close to. However, it's very interesting how the rest of the band tends to watch out for this little one as well as her mom. But, she is a little charmer!!


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