Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smoky Sunset & Sunrise the Next Morning

Altho we're not in any fire danger from the Wallow Wildfire in southeastern Arizona, we have been feeling the effect of the smoke for about the past week here. The above image was of the sun setting the day before yesterday. Typically, it would be very bright and hard to look at. But all the smoke in the air really softens the effect of its rays, and makes the sky seem either cloudy or darker than it really is. Smells like a campfire, too.

The next morning I took this beautiful image of the sunrise. Altho I'm thinking there was still some smoke in the air, it was much clearer (at least until the afternoon), and the sunrise was quite spectacular.

Again, I don't know for certain, but I don't recall seeing these "ribbons" in the sky before, so I'm thinking it might be some residual smoke. If it is, I find is somewhat amazing that even when the world is being destructive to itself (altho I've heard the wildfire was started by a human), it still manages to create some beauty at the same time.

Enjoy (altho I hope they contain the fire soon).

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