Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cats - Not Drawn or Painted - ATC Swap

This was a swap that was near and dear to my heart! The ATC swap was of pieces of art that involved cats, but they were not to be drawn or painted - good, 'cus I really can't do either!! The one above was an image that I pulled from a calendar page and then layered over some great wood veneer texture that I had scanned into my PC just yesterday!!

The little guy above, peeking out from behind a potted (fake) greenery was my own little Toutle kitty boy, when he was just a wee little kitten! He had quite the personality even back then!

Oh, and doesn't this just sum up how all of us feel every so often? This is my own little Tatoosh, just relaxing on the back of the rocker. She was just like a little wet noodle, kind of hanging on there, just totally limp and relaxed! I wish I could get that relaxed!!


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