Thursday, December 8, 2011

January Bizarre Holidays

Some fun holidays in January! The first holiday, above, is Thomas Crapper Day. He is supposedly the inventor of the inside flushing toilet.....I have no idea if that's why it's called "crap", tho! (C'mon, you know that's what you were thinking!)

January 23 is National Handwriting Day. I found some old handwriting instructional pages and used a rubber stamp I had of a woman's hand writing a postcard (I only used the part of the stamp that showed her hand, so you don't see the postcard.). I was drawn to this holiday because I remember in 4th grade when we were taught cursive handwriting, mine was so atrocious, I couldn't earn enough stars on my homework pages to allow me to begin doing my homework with a pen. I was certain this was going to keep me from graduating to the 5th grade! I remember I was so afraid of opening up my final report card, that when I saw that I had been promoted to the 5th grade, I was so relieved, I almost peed in my pants....or skirt, as the case may be! It's amazing how intimidating those Catholic nuns could be!! I'm sure in some way I'm scarred for life re that, since I still remember it so vividly after all these years!!

I had some really cool stamps from Australia, so I thought I should honor Australia Day! The background is a map of the ancient world. It just looked so cool I couldn't resist using it. I do believe Australia is just off the foot of the koala bear!


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