Monday, December 26, 2011

New Toy for Christmas - HDR !

Santa Jeff got me this very cool photo processing software for Christmas that allows me to process my images in what's call High Dynamic Range, or HDR. I had heard about it, but what I read made it seem very complex, and I just couldn't get my head around trying it. Then, I read an article by a woman who had gotten "burned out" on photography and stopped taking images, until she heard about HDR, and tried it. It gave her a new passion for photography. In the article she mentioned the software she used, and commented on how easy it was to use and learn, so I was immediately intrigued! Anyway, the above image is an image of some old junk yard trucks that I took earlier this year. I applied a pretty intense effect, just for fun, and this was the result. Those trucks haven't looked so fun in years!!

This image used a different effect that created a sort of painting look to the image. It also really pulled the details that were in the dark in the original image I shot. This is a sunrise shot from our back patio. The house in the image is of one of our neighbor's house. I just love the way this process captures the details that were in the dark without losing any of the details in that sunrise sky. Some of the colors aren't quite "real", but that's the painting effect.

This last image is just lovely. The original image was really wonderful, too, but I played with it to see what could result. This image is more detailed and vivid than the original image, but it still maintains the soft quality of the original. I am in love with this software, and think I love photography even more now that I did before!!


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