Saturday, January 28, 2012

Love Birds - A New ATC Swap

It's been a while since I've posted anything, mainly because I have been dealing with other stuff for much of January. But, here are some adorable little love birds from an art swap I did participate in this month. The theme was to have a bird and a heart on the card. I found a template to create some cute little birds and decided to use some sort of patterned or handmade paper for the body, a little scrap of a different color for the beak and a piece of text paper, with a word highlighted for the wing. The first one above, Sleepy, may be a bit of a stretch on such bright paper, but the hearts are of some nice soft designed paper!

The second one, Found, reminds me of how birds will take scraps of things they find to make their nests. The heart locket is a little stamp I have, and I used a piece of (sort of) yarn as the little "chain" thing for the locket. The bird's body is made of baby wipes that i used to clean my hands and brushes from several different colors of paint - kind of a nice soft mix of colors!

For this last little bird, I decided to go with a softer color palette, almost, but not quite a monochromatic theme. The hearts are hidden within the soft green leaves, and the entire piece reminded me of the promise of spring.


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