Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Houses ATC Swap

Here's some recent art from last weekend. It was an ATC swap, with the theme of Little Houses. I decided to have some fun with this! The above little house used an umbrella from one of the umbrella drinks. Now, I think of those drinks as summertime drinks, so I thought the "little house" would be a summer home. Since I also used dress pattern paper on this ATC, reflecting the sizes that the pattern covered, I thought the summer house would be made to order! A little whimsy!

I liked the feeling of this ATC - a delicate little house and then a nice image of a young woman, who I think of as thinking of her dream house. Kind of a soft dreamy feel to this ATC.

This last ATC was kind of a fun one, too! I found a napkin that had some coffee beans on it, and thought, of course! A coffee house! So, I decided that they would really be doing a great deal on a cup of coffee - 5 cents per cup! Haven't seen that price in years and years!!


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