Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Page Backgrounds - Part 4

This was another ATC (Artist Trading Cards) swap using book pages as the backgrounds for the cards. The first one, above, is of a young man striking a somewhat formal pose - maybe this was to be a formal portrait? It just reminded me of how those types of photos really emphasize the fact that time does fly, and we're only the way we are for a relatively brief moment in time. I used the book page background running vertically - I thought it almost looked like a patterned wallpaper behind him.

For this ATC, I used the peeled paint technique over the book page. I found the old image of what looked to be a little stone cottage. It reminded me of a similar building at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL, that was set right along a lovely garden. I added the rose petal that was set in some handmade paper, and decided this would be a rose petal cottage.

And, finally, this piece that seems sort of ethereal to me. This time I used some pastel tissue paper over the book page background. The tissue had some butterflies, dragonflies and flowers on it, very soft. When applied to the background of the ATC, they sort of melted into the background, creating that sort of ethereal feel to me. I added a small image that I had of a botanical drawing of a tulip, and that seemed to add the perfect touch.


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