Saturday, March 3, 2012

Found Poetry - Love Poems ATC Swap

Been working on this ATC swap for the past couple of weeks - just a little bit on the weekend days, as I could. Anyway, thought I'd share! The theme of this ATC swap was love poems made up of found poetry. Found poetry are little snippets of phrases and words that you find in old books. I used a used book I bought at the library's used book sale once - I plan to make an altered book of it someday, so taking a few pages now is no big deal. I just pick words and phrases that appeal to me and I figure I can put them together in some way! This first ATC was meant to capture the joy of those "daddy-daughter" special times - certainly a special type of love!

This ATC had a photo of my parents as the subject of it. I'm not certain, but this photo was taken when they were very young, and maybe even newly engaged - hence, the poem!

And, this one just makes me laugh for some reason! I just love this photo of the 2 couples - i have no idea who they are, but, for me, the woman on the far right as you look at it sort of makes the photo - her expression can mean so many things. I know, technically, this isn't a love poem, so I didn't include it in the swap, but I couldn't resist how the words sort of worked together, her expression, and when I couldn't stop chuckling looking at it sort of pieced together, I knew it had to be an ATC, even if not for the swap!


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