Sunday, May 3, 2009

For Jeanne

This collage is one that was inspired by my friend, Jeanne. She has hard a rough time of it over the past several years, and has endured some great sorrows. However, she is one of the most resilient and positive people I know. She is truly brave and courageous in light of what life has thrown at her. This piece is inteneded to reflect the sorrows in her life (the upside down heart shaped tears) that serve as nourishment for her new life with her children and friends who care so much for her (flowers). And, the basis for life, as I see it, is the ability to dream and envision better days.
I believe that dreams feed what will become reality. Another friend recently told me how proud and happy he was for the new chapter in my life that I'm beginning. As he put it, he saw that I once had a dream of what I'd like my life to be like, and it became a vision and a goal, that I worked to turn into a reality. I hadn't really thought of it that way, but I suppose that deep down inside, that's really what happens to most of us, whether we recognize it or not. That is, unless we're one of those poor souls who are, what I call, victims of their own lives. That, to me, is truly the saddest thing because it says to me they've given up and are just going thru the motions.
Here's to dreams - don't just go thru the motions!! And, thanks Jeanne, for being in my life!

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