Saturday, January 16, 2010

Isn't this a cool shot? We flew up to Denver, CO, today to visit an RV show, and this was the photo I took just as we were landing at Centennial Airport there. I love the look of the runway leading right toward the Rocky Mountains off to the west.
The RV show wasn't that great from our perspective - lots of trailers, and we were mainly interested in motorhomes. We're not looking to replace the one we have, but just like to look to see if there are any cool ideas that we can apply to our rig.
We did have lunch at the restaurant at Centennial - very tasty. It was also cool to see the little planes taking off and landing, with a corporate jet mixed in there every so often!
Plan to play more in my studio tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday before I return to work on Wednesday. I'll probably post more photos of my creative efforts with mixed media over the next couple of days! Enjoy!

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