Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warm Weather ATCs

Aren't these fun ATCs? I created them for the Warm Weather ATC swap at www.atcsforall.com.
I started with paint as background, and used small bubble wrap to create the polka dots as sort of a funky, lighthearted sky effect.......

Then, I added some very textured hand made paper, and used gel medium to sort of blend it into the "sky". I then brushed a golden color over the texture to just make it seem like sand, and added the 3 little seashells to keep with the beach and pool sort of feel.....

Finally, I found this great paper that had bunches of these sort of vintage bathing suit sort of ads. I cut them out, named the ladies in each of the scenes, and there you have it!! Hope you enjoy a bit of summer in the midst of winter! Enjoy!

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