Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday Art

This piece is something I did on a pressed wood board. Jeff had a big piece that he wasn't using, so I asked him to cut it into several different sized pieces. This is a birthday gift (or will be) for a friend of mine who is in the middle of doing some reflection and thinking about what the next chapter in her life will be. This piece has handmade papers as it's foundation with an inspirational quote that I found which I thought would be perfect for her. I added in some fun other papers, either serendipity or other handmade papers, some cool thoughts, a favorite vintage image of a woman with a suitcase just getting ready to start on an adventure, and my little muse who I hope will help her, with the first words of advice - have fun! I added in some stars on the top, just for some whimsy, with the obvious advice to "let the stars be your guide". Overall a fun piece, and I hope she really enjoys it and finds some inspiration from it! Enjoy!

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