Monday, May 30, 2011

Bizarre Holidays - July

Welcome to the July Bizarre Holidays! I just am loving this ongoing swap theme - here are 3 I did for July. The one above is Flitch Day. Apparently, this was a custom that came over with the pilgrims. A slab of bacon was offered to any couple who could truly say they lived together happily for the previous 12 months. The couple in the card are my parents who lived together happily for far longer than 12 months, so they clearly would bring home the bacon!

Here's another fun holiday - Clerihew Day. According to the history of this day, a gentleman with the middle name of Clerihew (I'll bet that one won't make the most popular baby names!) would make up silly rhymes with the AABB rhyme pattern. These rhymes would be mainly about himself, but then others began doing it about famous people. The lines can be of random length, both short and long. I just couldn't resist making up this little rhyme about this rather angelic looking young lady!

And, finally, Amelia Earhard Day. I'm not certain that spelling of her name is correct, but it's what's shown on the Internet for this holiday, so it must be true! (LOL!) I've always thought she was a pretty cool lady, and her death a great mystery, so I just felt I had to honor her day with an ATC. The background of the ATC is a piece of an aviation map - very appropriate for her. Plus, with a pilot in the house, I have tons of outdated aviation maps!


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