Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Page Background ATCs - Revisited!

This was a fun swap on a couple of fronts. The main requirement was to use various book pages as backgrounds. I then also decided to try a new technique - faux encaustic. That technique would create a more layered look, but sort of making it look like the layers were separated by melted beeswax, except it doesn't use melted beeswax. I don't think I did it quite correctly (I must practice it more!), but I did really like the effect that I achieved anyway! For the above card, I added some green to the faux encaustic material and it created the swirly effect. I then added the cool leg image that I found in a magazine. I added the Confidential stamp mainly because the font of it seemed to compliment the foot!

This is such an airy ATC, isn't it? The book page I used was from a mass hymnal book, in a foreign language, altho I don't know what language - Latin? The color added to the faux encaustic was a magenta color, which considerable lighted when mixed with that material, again with the swirly effect. I added the stamp of the woman's face, covered by another layer of the faux encaustic material, and then the postage stamp of the flower, which adds to the overall feeling of the piece, and the butterfly, for a touch of extra color to add interest. Then, another layer of the faux excaustic, and the Fragile stamp to finish it. Why Fragile? The overall feeling of this piece was, to me, delicate and, well, fragile.

This last ATC may just be my favorite of the bunch! Again, a foreign language book page is the background, and this time I added a pale lavender color to the faux encaustic. I then added the black checkerboard stamp. I used black because I felt the piece needed something to sort of anchor the piece. After a layer of faux encaustic, I added the magazine image of some sweet treats - cookies! Another layer of the faux encaustic, and finish with the "dream" stamp. I again used black just to balance the piece a bit. Looks yummy, doesn't it?


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