Monday, August 29, 2011

The Carousel in Downtown Spokane

While at Rick & Barb's, one afternoon we visited the downtown area of Spokane, WA. In the city park area, they have a carousel that is over 100 years old, and free to everyone to ride. We didn't ride, but I did get some great photos. I just love the above photo because it captures the speed at which the carousel went! There was even a place where one could reach out to grab the brass ring (altho they are now plastic - sign of the times, I guess), and then try to toss it into a (fake) clown's mouth, while they rode around. The above image helps you to understand that it isn't as easy as one might think!!

I loved the above image of 3 carousel horses that were lined up next to one another. I thought they kind of looked like race horses all reaching for the finish line! The detailed work on each horse was quite something to see as well.

And, finally, this pretty little thing. Doesn't she sort of look like what someone's Prince Charming might have rode up on to steal away the princess's heart?


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