Sunday, August 7, 2011

All Things Shiny ATCs

This was a fun swap. The idea was to create abstract art, using metallic acrylic paint and stamping with any EXCEPT a rubber stamp. The background was the only thing that didn't have to be metallic. The above ATC had a white background with rose and aquamarine metallic acrylic paint stamped on with a scrunched up baby wipe, one of my favorite art supplies! I then found a round cardboard tube (who knows from what?) and stamped the circles on the card. It just looked very light and airy, so I didn't want to add much more. I thought the little blue gem heart (also shiny) added just the right touch!

The above ATC had a black background (black gesso) with copper metallic paint applied thru a plastic mesh that I had. That created the sort of diamond pattern. I then used that same little cardboard tube to create the gold linked rings. I then finished the piece by lightly applying gold interference paint in a sort of haphazard way over the copper and around the edges. Maybe it's the warm colors, but I really like this one.

This one is probably my favorite. Again, started with the black background, and then I added the aquamarine painted on small bubble wrap applied to the piece. I sort of dry brushed some aquamarine onto the blank spaces not covered by the bubble wrap, and then added some rose by dabbing it on, using my paintbrush. I then randomly lightly applied blue interference paint over the top of it. I didn't completely cover the entire piece with the paint, but just sort of lightly brushed it - almost a dry brush effect. It created a sort of blue mist effect. I like it!


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