Saturday, May 26, 2012

Smoky Sunset

There is a huge wildfire going on a bit southwest of our home - actually about 4 hours southwest of us.  As of last night, it covered 80,000 acres and was not contained at all, due to the terrain there, the very dry weather we've been having, and the extremely high winds (wind gusts of 55 - 60 or more mph).  That wind causes the smoke to drift over New Mexico as well as into Texas and Colorado.  Altho wildfires are not good and can be very scary if you and your home are in the path, the smoke from them does present some interesting and ironically beautiful sunset opportunities.  The photos in this post are from last night's sunset.  The above photo was one I submitted to our local news station, and they ran it during last night's 10pm newscast, during the weather segment.  I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see my photo on TV, even if it's due to some very serious weather conditions.  Oh, and can you see the faint echo of the sun in the lower right hand corner of the photo?

The above image was taken during the last remnants of the sunset.  As you can see, the sun is actually below the ridge of the Sandia Mountains.  I think the smoky haze adds some interesting texture to the sky.  I also love the fact that the ground cover in our back area is actually green!  The mountain off to the right of the photo is South Mountain, about 5 miles from us.

This image seems pretty surreal to me, like something out of a sci-fi, the earth as we know it is being destroyed, type movie.  Again, the mountain range are the Sandia Mountains, the "clouds" are actually smoky haze and the homes in the foreground are part of our little town, Edgewood.  The sun seemed so unnaturally large, I just keep getting drawn to this image.


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