Thursday, June 7, 2012

Morning Walk

Went for a walk this morning (my first this year - yea, energy!) with Jeff, Miki and my camera.  Got some pretty images of little blooms (and grasses) in our airpark.....right under our noses!  I really like the above image - one of the reasons are the shadows of the stamens on the petals.  I feel like adding some inspirational quote on the left side of the image and create a note card from this image. 

Here's what I believe is an Indian Paintbrush.  I love the bright green tips (stamens?) as a contrast to the orange.

I know, I know, this is technically a weed, but I just loved the way the middle of the flower gone to seed created such a cool pattern!  And, the fuzzy head was just so perfect - the wind hadn't gotten to it yet!

This was a grass that was actually pretty small and short.  I just loved the reflection of the morning light off the little fronds.  It just looked sort of lacey and delicate.


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