Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mixed Media Note Cards

A few months ago, I did an ATC swap, using close-up photos of flowers.  It was easiest for me just to get wallet size photos printed up at Walgreens, but that left me with extras, since I only needed one print of each photo for the swap.  I kept them on one of my studio work tables, and would just pick them up and look at them from time to time, knowing sooner or later I'd figure out how I could use them in some sort of art piece.  Well, I finally decided that they just cried out to be part of note cards!  So, I cut down some card stock that I had to the appropriate size to fit in the invitation size envelopes, pulled out my photos as well as some hand-made and other decorative paper, or even scraps, and voila!  Mixed media note cards!  I'll just post a sample card with each of the different images, not all the cards!  No more words from me!


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