Monday, September 3, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Drive Around Carrizozo, NM

This past Saturday, we went for a drive to a little town called Carrizozo.  Lots of good photo opportunities, and I'm sharing some with you now!  The photo above was taken along the roadside on the way down to Carrizozo.  Sunflowers growing along a barbed wire fence - typical New Mexico

After we visited Carrizozo, we decided to take some back roads back home.  There were a number of large ranches, and this image seems to capture that open feeling.

When we rounded a bend in the road, there was this deserted building, part of a small deserted community.  I just loved the texture of the walls of this building, and the fact that you can see right through the windows to the landscape beyond. 

While on the back road, we came across a ghost town I didn't even know existed - Ancho.  The original train depot is still standing there, and I converted the photo I took into a charcoal drawing.  Somehow, it just seemed more appropriate that this image be a charcoal drawing than a "straight" photograph.


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