Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flowers and Ferns from Hawaii

Here are the first set of photos from our trip to Hawaii a week or so ago. It's taken me a while to process all the fabulous images and try to narrow them down to a good variety of what we saw. The above photo was taken at Akaka Falls on the Hilo side of the Big Island of Hawaii. I just love the way the blooms, ferns and leaves just seem to be reaching for each other. It also gives me a calm feeling, altho I can't say why.
What would Hawaii be without the beautiful hibiscus that seems to bloom everywhere? This bloom is a very high energy hot pink color, but we also saw brilliant red, yellow that seemed to just reach out and grab you, and luscious apricot colored hibiscus as well.

I'm actually not sure what the above bloom is. I know this sounds a bit odd, but the top of this bloom reminds me a lot of a pineapple. I know that pineapples grow from a similar type growth, but I don't think this is actually a pineapple bloom. Still, it reminds me of life and how it just keeps emerging and recreating itself every day.

And, I know this isn't actually a bloom, but there are fabulous ferns in so many places throughout Hawaii, I just had to include it. I really like the way the light plays on this fern, creating a mysterious feel. Kind of like Hawaii - to truly see and enjoy it, you need to explore and discover its many facets.
Enjoy - more photos to come over the coming days!

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