Monday, August 30, 2010

In A Submarine

Here are some photos I took when we went for a ride in a submarine! The photos all have a blue cast (obviously!) which wasn't as noticeable when we were in the sub, but I managed to get some fairly decent shots to give you the effect of how cool it was down there! The above photo is of a school of bright yellow fish chasing after a larger, darker colored fish - or so it seemed! Actually, they were just playing & sort of swooping around a coral reef.
Here's a slightly closer view of the grumpy looking larger fish! He definitely doesn't look happy.

There were a couple of shipwrecks that we came across. Here's a close-up of one with one of the little yellow guys checking out some of the rigging on one of the wrecks. I like the sort of dreamy effect of this shot.

And, here's a very eerie shot of the second shipwreck, a ship informally called the Crazy Lady, due to the very drunk woman who caused her sailboat to become a shipwreck. She was rescued, so it wasn't a deadly shipwreck. Still, I couldn't resist this shot, as we moved away from this ship. Enjoy this very different look of Hawaii.....from down under.

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