Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jeff & His Flying Machine

What a beautiful day for flying! Jeff thought so, too! He had been working on his plane, and got it put together, so he took it out on a test flight, just to make sure things were all working the way they should. He did a series of "touch and go's" where he lands and then immediately rev's the engine and takes off again. I didn't have my camera for the first take-off, but ran into the house and got it in time for the second!

I liked the above shot because it looks exactly like what it was out today - the wild blue yonder! What great clouds and sky we had today!

This was the third take-off. He actually turned a bit so that he took off directly over me. I was pretty close to the runway, but not directly on it, which I'd have to be to get this shot otherwise! I like the silhouette look of the plane against that wonderful sky.

I really like the above shot. It just speaks to me of freedom. No wonder Jeff loves to fly.

And, here he is - safe and sound on the ground! What a great morning to fly.....and to photograph it!

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  1. Wow, these are some great shots, Nadine. I know from trying to take pictures of Phil flying, how difficult it can be to get good ones; they're so far away. Nice job. It would be cool to do a photo montage for him.