Monday, August 30, 2010

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

See the the path of the smoke in the above photo? It's the new path of the lava flow from Kilauea. It was disappointing - everyone is used to being able to see the actual lava, and Kilauea had the reputation of being the most accessible volcano, perhaps in the world. One used to be able to (relatively) walk across the lava field (cooled lava) to the red hot lava. Not any more (darn!). We walked about 3/4 of a mile to see the lava from the new place the lava flows. But, for whatever reason, we weren't allowed to get close enough to see it.
The above photo is of the old lava flow from Kilauea. You can see the darker path in the photo - that's the area that used to be covered with the red hot lava. Still, it's a cool photo showing how the island of Hawaii is continuing to grow....naturally!!
I love this photo of another volcano crater at Kilauea - the 'Iki Crater. As we walked along a path to some lava tubes, you had the lush ferns in front of you and beyond them, the smoking 'Iki Crater. With the beautiful blue sky beyond, it creates a sort of eerily pretty scene.

This is a rather up front photo of the Halema'uma'u Crater in the park. The crater was pretty evenly round - funny how symmetrical nature can be sometimes, isn't it? And, yes, the smoke issuing from the crater was sort of bluish - that's no illusion! Enjoy!

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