Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sheet Music ATCs

These ATCs have the requirement that somewhere in the piece must be some sheet music. The above ATC has the sheet music as the background for the piece, with some really soft, pastel like tissue paper over it, and a flower stamp (colored in with blue, just to stay with the theme) and some blue handmade paper as the border around the "picture" of the flower. I just love the feel of this one.

Now, this ATC has some very dramatic, bold red as the background and just a snippet of sheet music in it. I loved the soft contrast the lace seemed to lend to the piece, and the little do-dad laid over the handmade paper in the lower right of the piece reminded me of the treble clef in music.

And, this final piece just seems like such a happy piece and absolutely reminds me of spring! Again, the sheet music is the background with tissue and handmade paper laid over it. The yellow tulips just sing of spring to me, and I couldn't resist adding the trim piece that seems to be little white daisy type flowers, also a very happy flower!


1 comment:

  1. Very nice!! Do you trade your ATCs? I still have a ton of scrapbook stuff but rarely get a chance to do it. Want to learn digital scrapbooking soon. Hope your day is wonderful!