Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peeling Paint Technique ATCs

This was a fun project! It makes paint appear to be peeling off the card foundation. I decided to use various printed papers - music, book pages, phone book, etc. - as the foundation. I then applied Vaseline to the areas that I wanted to show thru after I applied paint. Then, came the paint. After it dries, I took a paper towel and wiped off the paint from the Vaselined areas. I then rubber stamped on top of all that.
I then used some old photos that I had that kind of spoke to me in a fun way. Don't you love the "girls" in the first photo - bathing beauties on vacation! The little guy, above, looks like a little speed racer in his toy car! After I adhered the photos, I again applied the Vaseline technique with a second paint color. I just wanted the effect of many different layers!

The last application was a rubber stamp that gives it a marble-like effect that also accentuates the peeling paint effect. The photo is of a young man with a sailing boat in the background. I like to think of the boat as being his "dream". A bit different than the rather formal, dressed up image.....exactly what you'd sort of expect his dream to be like!


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