Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brown Bag ATCs

The theme for this ATC collection is to use a brown bag (yes, the kind you may still be able to get at a grocery store) as the background for the ATC. I really like the above ATC. It's just so simple and gentle. I call it "Balance" because that was the first thought that came into my head when I finished it.
This one is a throw-back to my train commuting days in Chicago! There's some handmade paper in there, but the focus on on a Metra train one-ride ticket. Ah, those were the days - and I can't really say that I miss the 2-hour one way commute I had back then!

Isn't this a whimsical little piece? The pastel colors over the paper bag are colored baby wipes. I use them to either apply paint to surfaces or wipe paint off my hands, and if the colors are appealing, I just keep the baby wipes for use in future projects. The "line" is some very cool sort of string that I found in an antique shop in Washington state when we were there over the Thanksgiving holiday. The sequins just add the right amount of sparkle, don't you think?

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