Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cocktail Shaker ATC Swap

I just finished art for this swap today. It was a fun exercise - create art around the names of cocktails! I also put the recipe for the cocktails on the backs of each card. The first one, above, is Tropical Life Saver. It's made up of colorful tissue (a beach towel perhaps!) and the umbrella from a tropical drink!

The second ATC, above, is based on the cocktail called Ladies Cocktail. The background is of a napkin with a woman in a long evening dress on it, and the image of the Eiffel Tower, and Paris, 1924, on it. I used that napkin and a transparency of a roaring 20's silhouette of a woman with a drink to depict this cocktail.

This last ATC reflects the cocktail, Hat Trick. I put a light background down and then took a transparency of an ad for a woman's hat and attached it with the little brads. Somehow, I doubt that the manufacturer of the hat ever thought the ad would be used to depict a cocktail, which is what makes this so fun!


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