Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beeswax ATCs

For this ATC swap, I had to apply a new technique - beeswax! Basically, using a small craft iron, I melt the beeswax onto it, and then onto my ATC backing (a playing card). I then add layers of tissue, using more melted beeswax. The first image, above, is actually my favorite of this exercise, and the image of the woman is not on tissue, but thinner paper. It was the "ghost" image left after I used a transfer liquid for a previous project. I just love the feel of it, tho.

The second ATC uses a number of layers of flowered napkins. I couldn't get any of them to really pop as the subject, so again, I cut a rose out of a garden mail order catalog, and just adhered that to the top of the layers with the beeswax.

This third ATC was made up of napkins with leaves on them, layering one on top of the other, with a red leaf on the very top - sort of like a pile of leaves after you've finished raking them in the fall.


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