Friday, May 6, 2011

Bizarre June Holidays

Here are the latest ATCs created for the June Bizarre Holiday swap on The above ATC is based on one of my photos, taken last year when we were off-roading near Moab, UT. This road was definitely rocky! In fact, when we first made the turn & saw this, I thought the road just sort of ended at a rock wall! Of course, Rocky Road could also be ice cream......

This vintage photo in the above ATC is one of my favorites. I have no idea who this woman is (or was), and I apologize to her for using her to illustrate Old Maid's Day! The technique I used for this ATC was a text page as background, the peeling paint technique (amazing what Vaseline can do!), then I pasted torn handmade paper with a handwriting stamp, placed my little lady in the place of honor and added the info about the holiday! I think she's kind fun looking, so I'm imaging she was an old maid who had fun!!!

This last ATC was a fun type of ATC. I used a bright, striped napkin as the background. Then, I added the two photos of happy, smiling kids. The small baby was just such a happy looking child, and the little boy with the joyous smile, just reached out and touched me. Doesn't he just make you smile? You can't help yourself!!


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