Monday, June 21, 2010

Final Segment - Crater Lake National Park

Yes, it's really June! Apparently, Crater Lake National Park is only snow free 2 months out of the year - July & August! It just opened a few days before we got there, and only a small portion of the road that circles the Lake was actually open. The majority of the road is still under about 12 feet of snow! The afternoon we arrived, we thought we'd try to get up to the Lake, but ran into this blizzard. We did stop at the first view point, but only saw a wall of white - a combo of cloud and snow! We drove up again the following morning, and the weather couldn't have been more different. The shot below was taken at the same spot where we only saw the white wall the afternoon before! The Lake is breathtakingly beautiful. It is self-contained, and only gets water from snow and rain. It is supposed to be the cleanest water around, altho they still don't recommend trying to drink it!
The image below is of a nearby mountain. It just looked so majestically beautiful, I had to include it in this small collection.
And, finally, here's another image of a couple of neighboring mountains that haven't erupted! We were in the Cascade mountain range, which is, of course, still considered active in terms of volcano activity (think Mount St Helens and Rainier, which folks say can blow at any time). I just love mountains, don't you?

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