Monday, June 21, 2010

Northwest Trip - Along the Oregon Coast

This was Miki's first experience with the ocean, and clearly, she just loved it! She took off running to and fro, and even splashed into the water. She wasn't into running into the water to swim, like she does in lakes, but that was ok with us. We didn't know what kind (if any) of undertow there might be, and neither of us felt equipped to deal with that, if she did swim out & get caught in it.
Here's a shot of Jeff playing with Miki along the shore. She just had a grand ol' time!

This shot was of the Haystack Rocks along the Oregon coast, close to a town called Cannon Beach. It was kind of ironic. Most of the time, the weather along the coast was damp, cool, and rainy, but every so often - which just happened to be when we were at a great photo op spot - the rain would break, skies would clear and we'd have perfect weather!

The last time Jeff & I were in this neck of the woods was the very first trip we went on. It was in July, 2004, and the weather was nothing but rainy. I got some great shots of the Haystack Rocks, but the shots were very moody, and sort of looked like they were black & white photos. It was a 180 degree difference this time along the shoreline. Altho the moody shots were nice, I much prefer the nice weather!

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