Monday, June 21, 2010

Northwest Trip - Drive from Spokane to Seattle, WA

Well, the weather broke and turned sunny the day we left Spokane for Seattle. We did get some very nice views along the backroads we traveled. We did the northern route, and ended up taking the ferry from Seattle to Poulsbo, across the Puget Sound, to Jeff's sister & brother-in-law's place. The above photo was just a little town/village we saw along the way. It almost reminded me of a village that I've read about in my murder mystery books set in the New England area.....except for the mountains, of course!
The above image was taken at a little county park that we stopped at to eat lunch - we ended up doing a little picnic, altho we were just steps from our RV, so I'm not quite sure that truly qualifies as a picnic, but I'm calling it one!

This image was taken in the area around the Grand Coulee Dam. That's a really cool dam, and longer than the Hoover Dam, altho the Hoover Dam is taller. I just love the reflection in the river. What a nice bookmark this would make!
Isn't this a lovely shot of a mountain waterfall? I have a feeling this may be a seasonal waterfall, just for the snow melt-off from the mountain, but who knows? Maybe it's a year 'round thing, since this is the northwest, where rainfall is more plentiful. Notice the lush green around the area, too. It sure is pretty, but I'm not sure that I could pay the price - all those rainy days! Still, lovely to see!

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