Saturday, June 5, 2010

Marikate's Dream Box

Check out the Dream altered cigar box that I just finished for my niece, Marikate. I really like the way this came out - reminds me of her! The above image is of the top of the box. Her favorite color is silver, so that was the main color used on the box.
Here's a photo of the front and side of the box. I made up some quotes that I think are true about dreams on each side of the box. The front clasp opening is accentuated by some jewelry wire with a few beads. The feet of the box are wooden drawer knobs that I painted.

On the sides and top of the box, I adhered some cool buttons that I've inherited from a friend of mine, Vicki, to use in my creative endeavors. I think they are perfect for this box! As you can see, I did feel the need to add some color, and I found some very nice handmade lilac paper that worked well with the silver. The flowers on the top of the box are spiderwort that used to grow in my garden when I lived back in Illinois! The color just seemed to work well with the paper and this box. Enjoy!!


  1. very cool Nadine. I bet your niece will love it. I really like the lavender and silver combo.

  2. Thanks! She did really like it - said she couldn't stop looking at it. Silver is her favorite color, and the lavender/orchid just seemed to fit very well. The entire piece is just so "her", I was really pleased!

  3. Nadine, I love the beautiful box and your creativity.