Saturday, July 21, 2012

Digital Collage Backgrounds

What fun!  Today we drove around exploring the East Mountain area, using dirt roads/back roads.  Took some fun photos and then played with them to create what I'm hoping to use as background paper for some digital collages.....once I figure out how to do it!!  The above shot is of a section of a fairly decent sized rock and I played with the Hue/Saturation function in PhotoShop to create this great effect!

This image is from a different view on the same rock, using a different adjustment on the Hue/Saturation function.  It's sort of Christmas-y, I think, altho the red is more pink than red.  Still, I really like it!  What can I do with this???

And, last, but not least, is this photo of a great dead tree.  The branches were just so expressive and cool, I couldn't resist shooting it.  I then played around with Hue/Saturation, and then inverted it, so the tree came out white, and you could see the detail of the branches so much better.  This is so moody, I just love it.  It will make a great background for collage!



  1. Love, love, love the tree. I was at the library this week and found 2 books that I can recommend:
    Robin Williams Hand Made Design Workshop (Create handmade elements for digital design) by Carmen Sheldon and Robin Williams. This book shows you some backgrounds (like your closeup of the tree bark)and how the background was used in commercial artwork.

    The second is Digital Image Transfer (Creating Art with Your Photography by Ellen G. Horovitz. This book shows examples of what you can do with your photos like image transfers onto leather for jewelry and other creative pursuits.

    1. Thanks for the tips, Sandy! I actually think I have the Digital Image Transfer book - I need to check it out!