Saturday, July 28, 2012

Getting Creative with Adobe PhotoShop Elements10

Here's a bit of a different type of post.  Instead of showing you 3 different images, it's the same image with 3 different creative effects in Adobe PhotoShop Elements10.  And, in case some folks may think the Adobe folks are paying me to do this.......I only wish that were so!!  LOL!  Anyway....the above image is pretty much what the original image looks like.  However, I applied what is called "feathering" to the edges to give them that softened look.  I like this - I think it could be a good effect for a number of uses - including perhaps some wedding photographs I'll be taking a week from today!

The above image reflects the use of a filter that creates this effect.  It's called a graphic pencil filter, and it has a really interesting look to it.  It's very soft and sort of old-fashioned looking.

This last image uses a filter called sponge painting.  It does give it a painting type feel.  It has some interesting texture as well.  Very cool, I think!


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